Monday, August 22, 2011

Suggestions sent to Parliament Standing Committe for Lok Janpal

Sent: Monday, August 22, 2011 10:55 AM
Subject: The Lokpal Bill 2011

Respected Sir,
The objective of the Lokpal Bill 2011 is very good and well meant.   To achieve the intended objectives, a stung Lokpal Bill is most necessary and such a bill is long pending and also long overdue.  
The draft bill proposed by the government, placed in the Parliament House and referred to the Parliamentary Standing Committee headed by hon'ble MP Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi, is not as effective as it should be and makes it appear that the government's intention and commitment towards tackling the deep rooted corruption embedded in all walks of life of a common man is clear to be doubted.    The will and conviction are clearly lacking on the part of government leading to absolute distrust among the general public, the Aam Janata.  
I propose the following changes in the draft bill of The Lokpal Bill 2011:
  1. The Lokpal should have atleast 11 members and every state and/or UT should have similarly set up Lokayuthas to deal with the complaints against corruption, graft, misappropriation, misuse of powers, inaction, inefficiency, etc. 
  2. The prime minister, higher judiciary, and all the government employees at all levels, should be brought within the purview of the Lokpal Bill.
  3. The Lokpal/Lokayuktha should have the authority to receive complaints, to investigate, to prosecute and also take punitive action against the accused, if proved guilty. 
  4. The Lokpal/Lokayuktha should have the powers to award punishments including dismissal from service, awarding jail terms, attaching and confiscating properties, attaching terminal benefits, etc.   In short the punishment should act as a deterrent to commit an offence falling under the purview of Lokpal/Lokayuktha. 
  5. During the course of investigations, if found prima facie evidence, the Lokpal/Lokayuktha should have the powers to place the accused official under suspension.
  6. The role of Lokpal/Lokayuktha should not be limited to that of an advisory body.  
  7. Complaints against Lokpals/Lokayukthas and/or their officials should be dealt with on priority and within a time frame of 2 months. 
I wish the standing committee members give a clean thought to the suggestions made above and make an effective lokpal bill to weed out corruption and inefficiency that has captured and seized our society.
With best regards,
Rakesh Vaid
Novelty Corner
Main Bazar
Chamba (HP)-176310
Mobile -9418090616

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